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High strength fiberglass Handrails

Fibreglass Pultruded Handrails are available in many configurations, as per customers's requirements. They are an ideal choice in lieu of standard Steel or GI Handrails, in highly corrosive environments. Typical Handrails consist of :

4 Vertical Posts

4 Top Handrail

4 Middle strength members and

4 Foot strips

They can be easily joined and installed at site, using our standard angle cleats.

4 Water / Wastewater Treatment Plants

4 Refineries / Chemical / Petrochemical Plants

4 Railroad

4 Pulp & Paper plants

4 Food and Beverage industry

4 Mass Transit system

4 Power plants

4 Marine & Offshore installationsmining

4 Fire equipment

FRP Handrail - Pultrusion


FRP Handrail made out of pultruded section is an ideal solution for the corrosion problems faced in Industrial environments and also it solves problem of theft in Domestic Utility.

It is the right replacement for steel or aluminum handrail used in highly corrosive atmosphere. Crescent Handrail often outlasts steel 20 to 1 times and it is a long term investment, where frequent replacements are unacceptable.
Crescent Handrails are manufactured by assembly of Pultruded FRP Pipes of 50MM Diameter and various fittings

Life of this handrail is over 15 Years and they are made for UV Resistant and Fire resistant.



4 Tank railings

4 Scaffolding

4 Safety Precautions

4 Temporary Barricades

4 Stair railings

4 Boundary Poles


Handrail Systems

There are two types of FRP handrail systems.


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